Worry and Guilt

Worry and Guilt are our biggest energy sappers. They steal our joy and give us nothing except stress in return.

Worry arises from the ‘need to control’ people and situations. Our mind has a tendency to be anxious about things whose outcome we are unsure of.

Guilt, on the other hand, is the culmination of weighing our actions and inactions against a set of ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’. Most of these parameters are imbibed from our environment without asking whether they are relevant for us or not.

Whenever we find ourselves held captive by these emotions, a simple exercise works wonders!

Sit down quietly for a moment with a paper and pen. Recall three of  the biggest fears you had as a child or youngster. Did they really come true? Possibility is that they did not! It just goes to show to our mind that most of our fears are just that – false emotions appearing real!

If any of it did come true, were we able to cope with those tough life situations? The answer will be Yes.

We are never put in life situations for which we do not have the strength, resources and wisdom. Life always provides us with solutions.

Wishing you an Amazing Life always!