Frequently Asked Questions About Akashic Records Readings (FAQs)

 What are Akashic Records?

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “æther”. The notion of an akashic record is attributed to Mr. Alfred Percy Sinnett, who, in his book Esoteric Buddhism (1884), wrote of a Buddhist belief in “a permanency of records in the Akasha” and “the potential capacity of man to read the same.”


“Akashic Records” is literally an energetic imprint of every thought, action, emotion, and experience that our soul has ever experienced across all lifetimes in all realities.  These records are a holographic storehouse for human consciousness containing  information about its past, present and potentials for the future.

What is an Akashic Records Reading and Consultation?

Just like we have physical libraries to access books in physical form, we can access the Akashic records to know about our soul experiences (actions, decisions, emotions, patterns, triggers, lessons and life purpose).

We are able to access Divine Wisdom and Knowledge through the Akashic Records readings and consultations. We are given useful glimpses of our soul journeys in different lifetimes to understand current life situations better. It also provides an opportunity of looking at our future possibilities.

The space of accessing the records is that of pure Love, with no judgments.


How does an Akashic Records Reader access the Records for the clients?

An Akashic Records reader usually accesses the Akashic Records for a client by engaging in a combination of breathing, meditation and prayer.

The process is simple and relaxing. A person coming in for a reading has to do NOTHING except asking questions that they find are relevant for their growth and evolution.

Readings are always done with the prior and explicit permission of the person whose records are to be accessed. That is also the reason why the readings are not possible for children who have not attained the age of 18 year and ailing people who are not in a position to give informed consent for a reading.

The readings are downloaded by different readers and medium in different ways. Some can see the images, some are able to read it like a teleprompter, some are given thoughts which contain the messages that are to be given to the client.  But always, the messages are relevant and meaningful.


How does an Akashic Records reading give you value?

An Akashic Records reading can help you in many ways like :

It gives insights on what can enrich your connect with the important areas of health, wealth and relationships

It can provide with an understanding about why certain “self defeating” behavioral patterns keep on showing up and how to deal with them

It can help you identify recurring situations of challenges and what can be done to heal those situations

It can show you future possibilities in areas you ask for and are ready to receive the guidance

It can also help you heal your past live experiences or patterns by showing you the relevant past lives during a session


What is needed from you?

The process is very simple and relaxing. A person coming for a reading has to do NOTHING except asking questions that are relevant to their growth and evolution. The person doing the consultation requires only the name and consent of the person whose reading is to be done.

Nothing else is required to be divulged unless specifically asked for by the Reader to better facilitate the way relevant information is to be accessed for the client.

The reader might be shown a particular image, number, name or year without any further details. The reason might that the significance of what is being shown is already known to the client and is too personal to be shared even with the person doing the reading.  The particular message might be automatically understood by the client and therefore might need no further explanation and guidance from the reader. It might be a case of simple reminder for the client to undertake some action or refrain from some harmful habits.

At times, the reader might get some cryptic message which can be deciphered and understood only with the active participation of the client. There the client will need to open up for getting the full value and implications of the message downloaded for him or her.

It is important to remember that during the course of a reading and consultation, the reader is shown only those incidents from current and past lifetimes which are of consequence to the client in the current life situation, healing or as a caution for future course of action.


How to get ready to receive the most out of a Akashic Records session?

It is useful to jot down the questions before hand. That helps to keep the session focused and get the maximum benefit out of it.

It is good to come with an open mind and an expecting heart for a session. That way the guidance and insights have a better chance of getting absorbed and implemented in real life situations.

Since future is all about “free will” and our own “karma” (actions/inactions), the readings provide us with the possibilities that exist in the future for the time when the reading is being done. We are shown possibilities which are for our highest good. That in no way invalidates the choices which we have already made or will be making. We are free to make decisions that resonate the best with our level of awareness, wisdom and evolution at a given  point of time. There is no “right” or “wrong” decisions or predictions. Everything that we choose to do or refrain from doing, is a part of our soul journey.

How safe is it?

The space of accessing Akashic Records is a space of unconditional love and healing. So whatever comes up for a person, there is absolutely no room for judgment. The readings and downloads come from a Divine realm and happen with utmost ease and safety. There is only Love and Light. Almost all the clients experience a state of peace and bliss after undergoing a session of Akashic records reading. Some people might undergo a space of healing and assimilation of the downloads in a different way if there is a resistance to receiving the insights.


At soul level, we are evolving every moment of our existence. The person accessing the records is shown the sequence of events as a matter of fact and downloaded without having to go through any regression modalities. The incidents are shown to provide a context and reason for what is happening in the current life situation.

For a person who is undergoing painful experiences, sometimes the Guardian Angels show the path of healing during such sessions. The record keepers as well as the Guardian Angels (of the person whose Akashic Records are being accessed) are usually present for these readings.


Does it help in predicting future possibilities?

Accessing the Akashic records not only provides insights about our current life situations, the downloads can also provide insights about future possibilities. Since future is all about “free will” and our own “karma” (actions), the readings provide us with the best possibilities that one can expect in the future. We are shown possibilities which are for our highest good but we might make choices which resonate the best with our level of awareness, wisdom and evolution.

To give a corollary, it’s like walking into a restaurant where the Chef might suggest to us the best dish on the menu. But we might choose something else for which we have a liking or we might not be in a mood to explore the new dish suggested by the Chef.  Now we might enjoy our choice or second guess our choice – that again is a matter of choice! Either way, a win-win situation can be enjoyed. The only requirement is to bring along an open mind to get the best sense of future possibilities and then choosing what resonates with you the most.


How long is a session? What is the energy exchange for a session?

The duration of any session depends a lot on what is being asked and downloaded during the session. Typically a session lasts for anywhere between 60-75 minutes (with an initial and concluding discussion time of another 10-15 minutes).

For clients residing in India, the energy exchange for one session is INR 2,100/-. If a person opts for a session of 120 minutes at one go for better understanding and clarity on significant areas of their lives, the energy exchange would be INR 3,900/-.

For clients residing outside India, the energy exchange for one session of 60 minutes would be USD 160 and USD 300 for a session of 120 minutes.