A note of gratitude

I express my heartfelt gratitude to those courageous souls who have given their gracious permission to discuss their sessions in public.

For every story told , their are ten stories untold, bound by confidentiality of medium and person. However, those a few stories which come in public domain results in openings and revelations for greater mass.

I am thankful to those who allowed their stories/part of stories to be told, which i have shared in my earlier posts.

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Happiness is a Choice.

Happiness is a Choice.
We can choose to make happiness our habit. Some of us are lucky to have a ‘happier’ outlook naturally.

Those of us who have to make an effort to be happy, are no less fortunate!
For we all have access to Nature, Beauty, Love and Laughter in so many different ways, in every moment.

A sense of Gratitude permeates our minds when we recall our lucky escapades and so many every day blessings. That is enough to bring a smile on our lips and to light up our hearts!

Choosing to be Happy is a gift we give ourselves. In the process of becoming Happy ourselves, we bring joy to our world!

Let us all make a choice of Happy Living🌻

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All that we need to be happy…

All that we need to be happy, lies within us.

Diving deep into the gift of who we really are, we discover the endless possibilities that we carry within.

Each day let us explore and relish at least one unique aspect of ourselves.

At the beginning of each week, let us devote five minutes to ourselves. Quietly ponder on what qualities and dreams we intend to explore that week. Each morning we can take a look at what we have written down. That becomes an instant reminder for the mind to focus on it during our busy day.

What are you choosing today?

Wishing you a day of Happy Discoveries!

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Worry and Guilt

Worry and Guilt are our biggest energy sappers. They steal our joy and give us nothing except stress in return.

Worry arises from the ‘need to control’ people and situations. Our mind has a tendency to be anxious about things whose outcome we are unsure of.

Guilt, on the other hand, is the culmination of weighing our actions and inactions against a set of ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’. Most of these parameters are imbibed from our environment without asking whether they are relevant for us or not.

Whenever we find ourselves held captive by these emotions, a simple exercise works wonders!

Sit down quietly for a moment with a paper and pen. Recall three of  the biggest fears you had as a child or youngster. Did they really come true? Possibility is that they did not! It just goes to show to our mind that most of our fears are just that – false emotions appearing real!

If any of it did come true, were we able to cope with those tough life situations? The answer will be Yes.

We are never put in life situations for which we do not have the strength, resources and wisdom. Life always provides us with solutions.

Wishing you an Amazing Life always!

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Sense of self worth

We can enhance our ‘sense of self worth’ and ‘feel good factor’, for sure, by doing two things:

🌞 In the morning, stand in front of a mirror, look deep into our eyes and say with a smile ,” I love you and am there for you always. I believe in you.” (To be done till we feel it genuinely, see our eyes twinkle with light of self love!) 💕

📝 Note down five things that we are proud of or thankful for, which happened during the day. (This is to be done before we go off to sleep 😴)

Effectively we are giving our inner child ‘positive’ strokes of appreciation. These are the times when we are most vulnerable as well as most receptive.

When we embrace ourselves with Love and Compassion, we heal ourselves and Mother Earth💖💖💖

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When is her birthday?

🎈🎂When is her birthday?🎁🎈

In the afternoon I was doing an Akashik Records reading for a dear soul, over the phone. We have a past life connection. She has been my grand daughter.

It was an intense session about some very serious stuff.

At the end, I was directed to ask her about her birthday. I was like “how is that relevant? “.  The divine beings gave the same message again without sharing any reason.

By now I am accustomed to such instructions and also know that I better follow them through!

Guess what this dear one tells me?
Her birthday is tomorrow!!
The divine beings made sure that I do not miss the chance of wishing her. That is how loving the divinity is for all of us!

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Hail Hitler!

“Hail Hitler” – these were the first words that were given to me at the start of an Akashik records reading for a client. This was the second time I was engaging in a reading for her, with a focus on how she can contribute to her children’s lives. Both of us had discovered an instant rapport with each other in our first meeting itself. Still, I was hesitant to share with her this message in the context of her children. The sense I was getting from her records was that this young mother is being over protective of her children.

I started by asking her if she was being stern with the children. My client has big, beautiful eyes. Immediately her eyes became saucer like while she shared, “Yes, I have been a bit of Hitler with them. But recently we all sat down and I have told them that we cannot continue having this hail Hitler culture in our home.”

I couldn’t help smiling and sharing with her the words given by the record keepers. It was uncanny how the Divine beings had given me the exact words used by her! We both had a good laugh over it. This individual is a sorted and matured soul. Hence the divine beings had no compunction in pulling the punches straight away!

The divine beings then proceeded to instruct in details about what each of her two children would need from her. They shared the basic nature of her children, providing specific instances of what would work with their personality type and what would not. It was amazing the way information download happened for this client. She was guided to be gentle with her children. Like most mothers, she feels inadequate at times and is in a space of doubt about her own contribution to her children. She was reassured as to how her upbringing methods were just in line with what her children needed.

The divine beings made sure that she got the message of eliminating worry and guilt from her system altogether. The messages were worded and shared in a manner which motivated her in accepting them fully. She was also told to lead by example. Apparently, this has been one of her challenge areas with her daughter, who apes her in terms of buying clothes at random. She was given ways and means of being more responsible and yet remaining a fun mother for her daughter!

All of this happened so seamlessly that by the end of our session, I could have fooled myself into believing that I am a very effective counsellor for mothers! That is the level of ease created during an Akashik records reading session by the divine beings. It is definitely a blessing for the client as well as the reader!

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If you want to be treated as a Princess, then start acting like one!

👑“If you want to be treated as a Princess, then start acting like one!”👸

This was the second sentence that was given during an Akashik Records reading. This young lady and I have known each other only from a distance, for a number of years now. We have met only once when we were doing a workshop together. Even this reading was happening over phone.

Upon my sharing this sentence with her, she became quiet for a moment. So I enquired what it meant for her.  I was getting a sense that it had something to do with her current relationship. She shared the same. The message gave her a validation of what she was already suspecting. She needed to become assertive. The guides also shared that her current behaviour is at times very passive and at other times, it borders on being aggressive. She needs to start operating from the knowing that her energies and disposition are that of a Princess. So her behaviour has to match the same. In fact all of us are royal and divine. But we need reminders for the same!

Then we were also guided that her mother’s health needed close monitoring. It was shown that she might have challenges relating to thyroid and gout. (We have never discussed her mother before). Apparently her mother has been cured of thyroid in the past. So it was a gentle reminder to keep a close watch on these areas of her health.

We were further given the information that females on her mother’s side of the family have had very suppressive  life situations. This young lady has recently learnt Reiki. So she was guided to heal and seek forgiveness from these ancestral family members – all the females. That is likely to ease such problems in the current and future generations of females in their family.

We were both taken aback with all the revelations. But things were making sense to her.

She was asked to take a vacation near some sea side. Voila! That was exactly what she had been planning – a solo trip to a sea side pilgrimage.

It is truly amazing to see how our Higher Self or Soul creates a way of communicating with us, guide us literally to help us manifest our Highest Good and Greatest Joy! 💖 💕 💖

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