If you want to be treated as a Princess, then start acting like one!

👑“If you want to be treated as a Princess, then start acting like one!”👸

This was the second sentence that was given during an Akashik Records reading. This young lady and I have known each other only from a distance, for a number of years now. We have met only once when we were doing a workshop together. Even this reading was happening over phone.

Upon my sharing this sentence with her, she became quiet for a moment. So I enquired what it meant for her.  I was getting a sense that it had something to do with her current relationship. She shared the same. The message gave her a validation of what she was already suspecting. She needed to become assertive. The guides also shared that her current behaviour is at times very passive and at other times, it borders on being aggressive. She needs to start operating from the knowing that her energies and disposition are that of a Princess. So her behaviour has to match the same. In fact all of us are royal and divine. But we need reminders for the same!

Then we were also guided that her mother’s health needed close monitoring. It was shown that she might have challenges relating to thyroid and gout. (We have never discussed her mother before). Apparently her mother has been cured of thyroid in the past. So it was a gentle reminder to keep a close watch on these areas of her health.

We were further given the information that females on her mother’s side of the family have had very suppressive  life situations. This young lady has recently learnt Reiki. So she was guided to heal and seek forgiveness from these ancestral family members – all the females. That is likely to ease such problems in the current and future generations of females in their family.

We were both taken aback with all the revelations. But things were making sense to her.

She was asked to take a vacation near some sea side. Voila! That was exactly what she had been planning – a solo trip to a sea side pilgrimage.

It is truly amazing to see how our Higher Self or Soul creates a way of communicating with us, guide us literally to help us manifest our Highest Good and Greatest Joy! 💖 💕 💖

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