About Me

About Reena

Reena has been working with different modalities for years. Her journey into the Akashik records started in 2009 when she first experienced this sacred and magical space while undergoing a session of hypnotherapy for unraveling and understanding some of her own life events. This led her to learning this modality in due course and she discovered that it was a beautiful way of fulfilling her life mission of “healing with humility’.

She has always been intrigued with the meaning of life and its purpose. This innate desire to learn and know more, led her onto a journey of exploring different modalities of self-knowledge, awareness and empowerment.

Her own journey of healing and empowerment started in the year 2004 when she got attuned in Reiki – level I and level II. Over the years, she has explored and learnt many other modalities EFT (tapping therapy), Magnified Healing, Theta Healing, Angel Card Reading, and Ho’oponopono. She is also trained into Carkuff and REBT modules of Counselling. She has also done courses in Gestalt Therapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to better understand the intricacies of human mind and behaviour.

Currently Reena holds workshops and personal sessions for imparting tools to people for unwrapping the gift of themselves in a powerful manner, to transform their belief systems and self-talk, to give them tools for nurturing their talents and living the lives of their dreams!

On can contact Reena at reena@akashikrecords.com .